Coronavirus Childcare

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a devastating impact on so many countries around the world. On the 18th March 202 the government announced schools and nurseries would close to help contain the spread of the virus. The following day the Cabinet secretary for Education in Scotland, John Swinney, made a statement that confirmed that childcare services like Daddy Daycare are allowed to stay open if they are providing the following care:


“We are advising private and third sector childcare providers that they can remain open so long as they refocus their operating models to support solely the children of critical workers and those families most in need of support.”


It is vital that our front line services are able to go to work and fight this virus so we will help any way we can. Although schools are closed at the moment some will reopen to provide care for the children of Keyworkers. The secretary of Education said they anticipate needing private childcare providers to help care for these children so we immediately offered our services. 



We will be able to accommodate children aged 3 to 12.



To minimise the risk of infection to the children in our care we are taking the following measures:

  • We have set a maximum number of children we will care for which will be limited to under half of the capacity of the venue.

  • Commonly touched areas will be cleaned daily with antibacterial spray,

  • Children will be temperature checked on arrival and any child with a COVID-19 symptom will be sent home and not be allowed to attend the club for 14 days.

  • Children will wash hands at several points during the day, including on arrival, before and after eating, before and after an activity and after using the toilet. 

  • A sink and antibac will be available on arrival for parents and children


During the time children would normally be in school we feel it is important that they have some structure in place similar to school. We therefore aim to develop a daily routine for the children to follow which will involve periods of school work/learning, projects, arts and craft, physical exercise, and time for random fun. So you can bring work in with your child and we will support them to the best of our abilities. We’re conscious that this could go on for a while so feel some sort of routine will help the children to cope with this unusual situation. We welcome your ideas on what you feel would benefit your children.


As we have experienced the government is constantly re-evaluating the development and spread of COVID-19 and the steps it takes to control it. We therefore appreciate you may have concerns about paying for an entire month’s care in advance as we cannot guarantee we will be open for all that time as it is possible further restrictions could be put in to place. We will still require payment in advance and will not be able to refund sessions that you do not use due to illness however to provide reassurance we are making the following changes:

  1. You will only be billed for two weeks at a time. The first two weeks being the 23rd March to the 3rd April.

  2. If you are already a Daddy Daycare client any payment you have already made for services after the 23rd March will be deducted off your invoice.

  3. Payment can still be made by childcare voucher, or tax free childcare.

  4. If the service closes you will receive a 50% refund of your payment. 


We will need to ask parents to bring in lunch and snacks, this is mainly because supermarkets have restricted the number of items you can purchase at one time so it is not possible for us to purchase food for larger groups.


If you would like more information please email us on