Childminding - 3-5Yr olds


Starting school is a big and sometimes scary change to a child's life so my focus is to make that transition as smooth as possible. To do this I believe children should ideally be settled both at school AND after school care well before they start P1.

School Transition

The Scottish Government provide free nursery sessions for all 3-5yr olds not yet attending school, nearly 3hrs a day. Our own daughter, Alexandra, went to Stockbridge nursery and the team there are fantastic. Well organised and focused on the transition into school, spending alot of time taking the children into assembly and classrooms. Alexandra found starting school easy and that was partially due to the work they did at Stockbridge nursery. I urge any parent with a 3-4yr old child to get them into the school nursery, which coming from a childminder who could be offering care during those hours is saying something! 


After school Transition

Currently across the care industry there is very little is in place to support children settling into after school care, this is something we intent to change. The first step we took was to register both our clubs for children aged 3+ so you can start settling in your child as early as age 3 if you want. They can also attend the holiday clubs which are fun and involve alot of memorable trips.

In addition to this we are now introducing a service for the year before they start school which is when nurseries introduce most of their transition support.

  • Our service will pickup at 11.30am from the free morning nursery sessions at Stockbridge and Flora Stevenson and provide care till 6pm.

  • This service will consist of 2-3hours of playtime with children their own age based at my house then around 3hours of care at the after school club. 

  • This provides the children in our care with the opportunity to not only build friendships with their peers but also with children in older years who can support and look out for them when they start school.

  • It also means that by the time they start school they will be completely settled at Daddy Daycare after school club and will be excited to see us at pickup time.

Benefits to you

Between the 8.50-11.30 nursery session and 11.30-6pm Daddy Daycare session we now offer a full days care for only the cost of the £30 Daddy Daycare session, cheaper than any private nursery or childminding service. All we ask is that you provide a pack lunch so we can spend more time outside at the local parks.

Early morning 7:30-8:50 care can be available on request, very limited spaces.

This service would also support families who have an older child at school and sibbling aged 3-5, we can care for both and make sure they get to spend time together every afternoon at the after school club.

Who will provide the care?

The care between 11.30 and 2pm will be provided by myself, Alan Balfour, and Amy Totty. I am a manager at the Stockbridge after school club, been officially caring for children since the start of 2013 and currently studying PDA level 9 which is a degree level course in childcare. Amy is my Deputy Manager, has a degree in Drama, has nearly finished her SVQ3 and previously worked in a nursery so has experience working with children aged 3-5.