We are only 5 minutes walk from Flora Stevenson up the hill to Bristo Baptist Church. We will be the largest club in the area with a huge hall for the children to play in and a completely separate room for quiet time with sofas, relaxing music and a homework table.


We are the closest external club to Flora Stevenson and will send a minimum of three members of staff to Flora Stevenson school pickup. 

Our main hall is so large we can hold a game of football or volleyball with enough space around it for lego, action figures, dolls, train set, and more. We also have a pretend kitchen and shop, dressing up and gymnastics mats.

The second room is used as a quiet area, a place for children to do homework, reading and relaxing. We feel a second quiet space is vital for new children especially when they are young as school can be tiring, sometimes children will just want to relax and listen to a story. It is also layed out to mimic your livingroom at home to provide a safe, warm and comforting environment.

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Flora Stevenson Club