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On this page you can order the number of sessions that you need by following this simple process:

  • Select the date you require and the number of children you have then click "Add to Cart"

  • A new tab will then open in your browser with the paypal shopping cart.

  • If you want to book more than one day simply look at the top of your browser, click on the Daddy Daycare tab, select another day and then click "Add to Cart". Repeat process for as many days as you need. 

  • When all the days you need are in your basket click "checkout" then choose to pay by card or pay using a paypal account if you have one.

  • Your list of days can then be confirmed in your paypal shopping cart. 

NOTE: Holiday Club bookings can ONLY be cancelled and refunded when 30 days notice or more is given.

Once it is less than 30 days till the booking starts no refunds can be offered, if we have space we will offer an exchange for another day within this year's Easter break.

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