Some of you may be concerned about Coronavirus so we wanted to reassure you by explaining the measures we are taking to minimise the risk to the children in our care over the Easter break.


Firstly, as many of you know our holiday clubs usually involve lots of trips. We’re pretty intrepid and often take the children off on buses to a range of exciting places. However, given the current situation we do not feel it would be appropriate or safe to do this at Easter and so we have rearrange our schedule to be based either in the club or within walking distance in the local area. We will have lots of fabulous activities; sport, orienteering, lego modelling, arts and crafts, jewellery making and many more to make sure that the children still have a fabulous time with us.


We are also taking extra health precautions; before the children arrive commonly touched areas will be cleaned with antibacterial spray every single day to ensure the environment you arrive at is as clean as possible. There will be a sink and sanitiser gel at the entrance to the club and all staff, children and parents will be asked to clean their hands on arrival (as well as through the day for the staff and children) and we will also be undertaking temperature checks on arrival. Children who have a fever will not be permitted to attend, and the same applies to those with persistent coughs. When we go out we will take 70% alcohol hand gel with us to use when cleaning hands. We apply these rules to our staff too and have intentionally rota’d on extra staff to cover illness.


We hope this provides some reassurance that we will be doing everything we can to keep children safe whilst ensuring they still have a great time.

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