October Holiday Club 2020

Our 2020 October Holiday Club will be focused on creativity and learning with as much outside active time as the weather permits! 

OPEN from Monday the 19th October till Monday 26th October inclusive our holiday clubs are available to any primary school aged child.  

Care provided from 8am till 5.45pm at St James Church, 57 Inverleith Row, EH3 5PX


Our holiday club is at St James church, EH3 5PX.

It's a fantastic site with a large garden for the kids to use. 

How Much

Fees are £35 per child per day. This includes a snack, all entrance fees for trips and all transport costs. All you need to do is bring suitable clothing and a packed lunch.

How to book:

Email us with the days you need at office@daddydaycareedinburgh.com


If you have never used Daddy Daycare before you can register by clicking here or contact us if you would like more information.




Botanics Trip & Gardening Day


We start the week off with a fun and informative trip to the gorgeous Royal Botanic Gardens, where the children can run and play outside as well as learn about the world around them. Weather permitting we'll have lunch in the gardens and head back to the club in the afternoon to plant some of our very own seeds and seedlings in our outdoor garden planters!



Games Day

We'll begin the day designing and making our very own board games and trying them all out before starting a giant game of 'Floor is Lava' as well as tennis, all kinds of tag, and skipping games in the garden.





Arts & Crafts Day

Autumn and Halloween creations will take over for the day with leaf painting, printing, and decoration making, as well as story boards, mask making, and pumpkin designs! 


Science Day
Want to learn how to make a mess? No trouble! We'll be making slime, volcanos, and getting experimental with skittles to show the children science can always be fun.





Animal Day


We finish the week with a trip to the amazing LOVE Gorgie Farm (formerly Gorgie City Farm) to see and learn about all the animals there before heading back to the club in the afternoon to get crafty making animal masks and pictures of our own!


Musical Day

A day of musicals, dance and singing. We'll be dusting of our performing hats and watching some inspirational musicals and dance videos before getting creative ourselves with the many instruments we have at the club. Some of our theatrically inclined staff might even surprise us with a number or two!