Lauren Boxall takes over as Manager of the Stockbridge club as Alan moves to Bristo Church to open Daddy Daycare's third club.

JULY 2018  

Next month the after school club at Saint Stephens Stockbridge will start collecting from Broughton Primary School!

May 2018

Stockbridge raised £107.70 in their first every charity fundraiser for CASH FOR KIDS

April 2018 

Our Summer plan is now up and we are taking bookings! We are open for the full 6 weeks to keep your children entertained through the holidays

August to November 2017

Daddy Daycare children designed 44 new fairy doors for the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. Our children designed how the fairy would look, what their special skills would be etc. Fantastic project which ended with a high profile revel of all 44 doors at the start of November.

September 2017 

14 MP’s and delegates from the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party came to Daddy Daycare as part of their UK visit. They are looking at ways to improve the care service in Japan which according to them currently dissuades couples from having children. After visiting the Scottish Government they came for a tour around Daddy Daycare, had a group discussion with Alan and then left to go to the London Olympics committee meeting.

11th July 2017

Over 20 new children will be joining Daddy Daycare next month, very exciting! We look forward to welcoming you all at 2pm on Friday the 11th August at Saint Stephens Stockbridge for the P1 welcome day.

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