Daddy Daycare opened its second club in August 2016, based in the heart of Stockbridge at Saint Stephens Stockbridge, EH3 5AB.

We pickup from Stockbridge Primary School. We are the largest club in the area with a huge hall on two levels for the children to play in and a completely separate room for quiet time. We are the closest external club to Stockbridge primary making for an easy walk for the children.

Our main hall is nearly 200sq metres, the main activity area is so large we can hold a game of football or volleyball with enough space around it for lego, action figures, dolls, train set, and more. The room then has a mezzanine level which holds a pretend kitchen and shop, dressing up, gymnastics mats and access to our second room.

The second room is used as a quiet area, a place for children to do homework, reading and relaxing on beanbags and pillows. We feel a second quiet space is vital for new children especially when they are young as school can be tiring, sometimes children will just want to relax and listen to a story.  

Even this room is 82 square metres which is larger than the average school classroom.

Here are some comments the Care Inspectorate received from parents when they asked for feedback:

"My child and I love Daddy Day Care for lots of reasons. The staff, the activities, the communication and the care are all excellent. The staff are full of joy and love to ensure that all the children feel safe 10/10!."

"We love Daddy Day Care. The manager and the staff are dedicated and always professional, while making it a fun and positive experience for the kids."


"The manager and the team provide a lovely welcoming environment. They are always asking for my views and feedback and seem to act on this. My children settled easily which was a big surprise as they were both nervous but they were quickly put at ease. I love that there is a second room where my children can sit quietly and read a book if they're a bit tired or just want to escape from the main room. It's something other clubs don't offer."


"My child loves Daddy Day Care and never wants to leave. The staff are very friendly and always make an effort to talk to me."


"It's a great service the children love it and  it really helps us with our working lives."


"I've only ever used this club so I've nothing to compare it with but I can't faut it. My child is happy and busy, they talk about the things they've been doing and have good relationships with the staff."


"The staff are really good, friendly and chatty in a professional way. I've sometimes seen them helping children who are a bit upset and they really seem to care."


"The service works really well for our family. My child doesn't complain about coming and obviously enjoys the activities so we've got no complaints."

Stockbridge Club