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Our 2016 Summer Holiday Club ran from Monday 18th July to Friday 15th August. Like our previous popular holiday clubs our focus was to make the activities fun and action packed with not only regular trips to the local parks but also at least two trips a week to local attractions. These include castles, volcanos, Dynamic earth, a beach and even an island!


The detailed schedule has been updated for 2017's summer camp however the summary of trips were as follows:

18/07/2016 Team Sports Day

19/07/2016 Cramond Island

20/07/2016 Ceramic Craft Day

21/07/2016 Castle Day

22/07/2016 World Foods Day - Mexico

25/07/2016 Puppet Day

26/07/2016 Dalkeith Country Park

27/07/2016 Survival Day

28/07/2016 World Foods Day - Italty

29/07/2016 Saughton Park + Tram

01/08/2016 Wacky Races Day

02/08/2016 Volcano Day

03/08/2016 World Foods Day - Australia

04/08/2016 Museum and Meadows Day

05/08/2016 Drama Day

08/08/2016 Exploring old Edinburgh Day

09/08/2016 Beach Day

10/08/2016 Victoria Park Day

11/08/2016 Jupiter Artland

12/08/2016 Word Foods Day - Belize




Summer Holiday Club 2016

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