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Holiday Club Useful Information

Below we have collated some useful information and frequently asked questions about our holiday club. Please take the time to read through these as the information contained here forms part of your booking terms. 

What ages do you care for?

Daddy Daycare clubs are registered for children "of primary school age", and during the summer holidays we are permitted to care for children who are eligible to start school in August. For Summer 2024, this will generally mean children who were born on or before 28th February 2020.  

What does my child need to bring?

Appropriate clothing for the planned activity and weather, lunch and extra snacks if desired. We also suggest a bottle for water as we tend to be out and about a lot. Even for the Scottish summer we'd recommend a hat and suncream. 

Your child also needs to have a Scottish Government bus pass, as free travel on public transport has been factored in to our costings. If your child does not have a bus pass or arrives without one you will need to provide £2.50 cash to cover their fares for the day. 

What information do I need to give you?

If your child is not already registered with us then in addition to booking please fill in our registration form which gathers important information about emergency contacts and your child 


Can I book half days?

As we take the children out every day and we have to work with the unpredicatable Scottish weather we need to maintain the flexibility of going out during the nicest part of the day. To ensure this is possible we can only offer full day sessions.

Why are some days more expensive?

Whilst we try to include the cost of activities in our daily fee, costs have risen significantly in the last couple of years. To keep our prices as low as possible we have introduced a surcharge on days when we are taking expensive trips or private coaches. 

Are the trips guaranteed?

Due to living in Scotland we occasionally have to reschedule the trips due to inclemental weather. We're pretty hardy so will take the children out in most weathers but occasionally it may be necessary to adjust our plans. If you have paid a surcharge for a trip day and the trip is cancelled (and not replaced with another paid for activity) then we will refund you the surcharge. 

A couple of the trips are still pending confirmation but if there are any changes we will advise anyone who has booked those days. 

What are the drop off and collection times?

As we have lots of activities and outings planned please drop off between 8.15am and 9:30am and pick up between 4:30 and 5.45pm. If you need to drop or collect outwith the times this may be possible but please ask in advance. 

Frogston Primary timings - Drop off starts at 8am and pickup finishes at 6pm due to location

Even on non-trip days we take the children out whenever possible, to local parks or for walks so they are not inside all day. On occasion we may combine the children from two clubs - for example where a specific activity is being offered - but children will always return to their booked club for pick up time. 

What is the staffing ratio?

We work on a 1:8 ratio in the holiday clubs. Our staff have undergone training in child protection, food hygiene and first aid and all hold or are working towards childcare qualifications. There will be qualified staff working every day. 

How do I book?

You can click the "book now" button below each day, select the venue and add to your cart. When you book the first day you will be asked for the names of the children attending - please include all children who you will be booking sessions for. If you are booking for a mix of days for different children then either process separate transactions for each child or alternatively send us an email to confirm which days each child will attend. Please note each book now button only shows availability for that specific activity (e.g. "Messy craft day") - you need to click on each date you want to book to see availability and book. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to book by email then please drop us an email with your requirements and we will be happy to help -

How do I pay?

You can pay online using debit or credit cards. Alternatively, if you wish to pay using childcare vouchers or tax free childcare then you should select the option to make payment offline. 

For regular clients of Daddy Daycare after school clubs, payment for the summer holidays must reach us in full by 15th June or your sessions will be cancelled. 

For clients who do not use the after school clubs, payment must be received within 7 days of your booking or it will be cancelled. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations 28 days or more in advance will receive a £40 refund per session. Cancellations with under 28 days notice will not be refunded or removed from your account unless we are able to find another family to use your session. 

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