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Newhaven Club

Daddy Daycare will be running our first summer holiday club at the Heart of Newhaven this summer. 

We will be based at Newhaven for all 6 weeks and the club is open to all children who are attending primary school or who will start school in August 2024. 

Below you will find our schedule of holiday club activities.


You can book online or by emailing

 Please note each book now button only shows availability for that specific activity (e.g. "Messy craft day") - you need to click on each date you want to book to see availability and book. 

Prices are inclusive of trips and activities and an afternoon snack, but assume children have a Scottish Government Bus Pass.

The club will be open from 8:15 to 5:45 daily and will be staffed by our experienced Daddy Daycare Team. Please also read our holiday club useful information page for more details and T&Cs

Arts and Crafts Week

Monday 1st July 2024

Creative Craft Day

 Today's activities will include jewellery making, crafting with clay, playing with loom bands, and exploring the world of fabulous origami. Join us for a day filled with creativity and fun for kids of all ages.


Colorful Bead Necklace

Thursday 4th July

Fashion Design Day

Explore fashion with Design Your Own Clothes Day! We'll be dyeing our own t shirts with tie dye, then we can add our own transfers which we'll create with cricut to be truly unique!  We'll even design our own superhero costume. 



Wednesday 3rd July

Jupiter Artland

Today we will be visiting the fabulous Jupiter Artland! Set in the West Lothian Countryside this is a fab and stimulating day out for all!



Tuesday 2nd July

Messy Craft Day

Join us for a Messy Craft Day! Let's get our hands dirty with slime making, fluffy slime, papier mache, and spray painting. It's going to be a fun and messy adventure!


Child with Slime

Friday 5th July

Today we'll be taking our arts and crafts outside! We'll be foraging and making collages, designing mandalas, painting in the park and much more. 



Outdoor Arts

Amazing Animals Week

Monday 8th July 2024

Creepy Crawly Critters

Today we will be making bug hotels, bee habitats and exploring local areas to see what bugs we have and why they are important


bug hotel2.jpg

Tuesday 9th July

Animal crafts day

A fun filled day of animal themed arts and crafts. Guaranteed to come home with masks and tails, in a day full of animal arts



Wednesday 10th July

Zoo Trip

"We're all going to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow…we can stay all day"

We might have a sing song on the bus, but we're off to the zoo to see the fabulous animals!


Giraffe at the Zoo

Thursday 11th July

Animal drama day

It's time to put our drama skills to good use as we explore acting out or wild side. Who's the king of the jungle? Whoever wants to be!


animal crafts.jpg

Friday 12th July

Here come the animals!

We'll be visited by a mini zoo today, bringing the creepy crawlies, critters and interesting animals to us for a hands on session. 


Chameleon on a Branch

Exploring Edinburgh Week

Monday 15th July 2024

Museum and Meadows

A day at the museum and the fabulous Meadows playpark.



Tuesday 16th July

Edinburgh Castle

We'll explore Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, then wander down to the (hopefully finished) new park at Princes St Gardens. We'll round off the day with some castle themed crafts.


Edinburgh Castle jpeg.jpg

Wednesday 17th July

Exploring local heritage

Today is all about exploring the wonderful history of our local areas. Railways, brewing, canals, rugby...let's explore what's all around us.


Old Railway pic.jpg

Thursday 18th July

Portobello Beach

It wouldn't be summer without a trip to the beach! We'll head along to Portobello for a fun filled day on the sands.


Portobello beach2.jpg

Friday 19th July

Tourist tour day

Let's hop on the open top bus and explore Edinburgh like true tourists. We'll hop on and off and see Edinburgh from a whole new perspective.


Tour bus.jpg

Sports Week

Monday 22nd July 2024

Obstacle Courses Day

Ready, set, go! Dive into our obstacle course extravaganza! Conquer challenges, leap through hoops, and race to the finish for a day packed with fun and adventure!



Tuesday 23rd July

Sports Day

Game on! Join us for a thrilling Sports Day filled with friendly competition, teamwork, and a whole lot of fun! Get ready to sweat, smile, and celebrate your victories!


sports day.png

Wednesday 24th July

Dancing Day

Let's dance! Get your groove on at our Dancing Day extravaganza! From toe-tapping beats to silent disco shenanigans, it's a day of rhythm, laughter, and unforgettable moves!


Kids Dancing

Thursday 25th July

Whacky Races Day

Rev your engines for Whacky Races Day! From wacky wheels to zany challenges, it's a day of hilarious hijinks and wild competition. Ready, set, go bonkers!



Friday 26th July

Nerf Wars

Prepare for epic battles at Nerf Wars Day! Arm yourself with foam darts, strategize with your team, and unleash your inner warrior in thrilling, foam-filled showdowns!


Image by Kolby Milton


Monday 29th July 2024

Experiments Day

Calling all young scientists! Explore, discover, and experiment at our Science Experiments Day! From bubbling potions to mind-bending experiments, ignite your curiosity and unleash your inner Einstein!



Tuesday 30th July

Dynamic Earth Trip

A trip to Dynamic Earth! Dive into the wonders of our planet and beyond with immersive exhibits, interactive experiences, and a day filled with discovery and adventure!


Dynamic earth ice2.png

Wednesday 31st July

Junk Modelling Day

Let's get creative! Join us for Junk Modelling Day, where imagination knows no limits! Transform recycled materials into masterpieces, unleash your inner artist, and make magic out of the mundane!



Thursday 1st August

Local Wonders Day

How did they do that? A look at some amazing local structures and how they came to be. We'll be visiting Spylaw Park, Colinton Tunnel, the Canal and Aquaduct as we learn about amazing feats of engineering.



Friday 2nd August

Lego Day

Build, create, and let your imagination soar on Lego Day! From towering skyscrapers to fantastical worlds, it's a day of endless possibilities and brick-tastic fun for all ages!



Nature Week

Monday 5th August

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to comb the sands and explore the shores! Join us for a Beach Scavenger Hunt at Cramond. Discover treasures, solve clues, and make memories by the sea!



Tuesday 6th August

Camping Day

Pitch your tent and let the adventure begin! Join us for Camping Day in the park. Toast marshmallows, tell stories and create memories that'll last a lifetime!



Wednesday 7th August

Saughton Park and Gardens

Experience Saughton Park and Gardens: where nature meets play! Explore winding paths, vibrant gardens, and a thrilling playpark. It's the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation in the heart of Edinburgh!


Saughton Play Area in sun with kids 78.jpg

Thursday 8th August

Botanics Trip

Explore the Botanic Gardens. Discover rare plants, tranquil ponds, and winding pathways—a sanctuary for nature lovers.

Then, we'll unleash their energy at the nearby playpark in Inverleith Park.



Friday 9th August

Water of Leith Trip

Take a trip to the Water of Leith visit centre where we'll explore the shores and go river dipping. A fab day and one of our most popular trips.


Water of leith.jpg
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