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Daddy Daycare Edinburgh started life as a childminding service run by Alan Balfour. After daughter Alexandra arrived, Alan discovered that working in a bank definitely wasn't his natural calling and after a lot of hard work, one garage conversion and some blood, sweat and tears (and that was just to get the paperwork done!) Daddy Daycare Edinburgh was born. The house was soon filled with chaos and laughter, and lots of great feedback from the parents and children was soon followed by an excellent inspection report.


Whilst his childminding business was growing, Alan very quickly realised that there was a real lack of after school provision in the area. The waiting list for after school care started to grow, people were stopping him daily in the playground...then came the news that the after school club was shrinking as the school increased in size. Together with his wife Lindsay, Alan started thinking about expanding and creating an all new after school club to serve the schools around Stockbridge, Inverleith and Comely Bank.


In August 2015 the first Daddy Daycare After School club was opened and was instantly popular. Since then Alan has opened another two clubs in Stockbridge and Comely Bank. 


A man starting a childcare business has certainly drawn some attention over the years, we have had visits from LEAP Saint Exupéry school in France and a delegation from the Liberal Democratic Party visit from Japan.

Below is a video of Alan's first interview when the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, came to visit Daddy Daycare childminding service in 2015.

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