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Forms and Documents

Click HERE to download our Welcome pack which has all our policies and procedures for our after school clubs. 


In order to use Daddy Daycare services we require some personal details about you and your child. Please click on this link  REGISTRATION FORM

Please note:

When entering your phone numbers use the following format 07984235273

Ie. don't put gaps or +44 at the start as our spreadsheet gets confused!

Data Storage

With the introduction of GDPR we have taken steps to ensure your data is handled securely and sensitively. Your details will be stored on a secure server at Daddy Daycare head office which can only be accessed by the management team and only stored for the period we are providing care for. Using your data the management team then produce a personal plan for the rest of the staff to access which only has key information such as likes, dislikes, allergies and contact numbers on it.

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